The New Adventure – My 40s

This blog could well have been called “August And Everything After” – after an album that meant a great deal to me in my early 20s and defined a certain time in my life – a time when I edged toward finding myself – and then (as a consequence of life-stuff) got diverted.

Also, August has been a very eventful month for me in years gone by. It was the month I somersaulted my first car into a field and could have killed myself and my two best friends; it was the month I fell off the Canadian Rockies and could have been eaten by bears. My mother vowed she was never letting me out of her sight in August again.

A few years ago I jumped off a mountain in Rio de Janeiro in August, (hang-glider and muscular Brazilian attached). Needless to say I did not tell my mother of my plans until after the event.

That was during my ‘Mid-Life Crisis’ or whatever you would choose to call the panicked build up to 40 for a childless, slightly confused girl who has lost her path somewhere along the way.

Anyway, the jump was incredible. The perfect end to one tremendous adventure. And now I am engaged in a new one. My 40s. The second half of my summer, another mountain to jump off.

In this blog I hope to share some of the things I have learned in the first half of my life, some of the challenges I have faced along the way, and what I have done with that (in case it is of use to anyone else). I would also love to share some of my new adventures as a 40 something woman and how I am endeavouring to make the most of this new adventure.

I think a good August may be on the way.


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4 thoughts on “The New Adventure – My 40s

  1. I just admire everything about this blog. You’re such a fine and entertaining writer. I love the title of your blog and the flavour of humour you have in your About page😆


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