Stuck On The Sands

Stuck On The Sands
That is where you will find me
Staring into the waves
Tossing questions into the foam
Silence splashing back

Turning my back against the present
Seeking hope in the rock pools
Salt-water droplets
Reacquainting with their source

Avoiding the eyes of strangers
Walking along the earth’s edge and my own
Rocks cold and damp, the discomfort a comfort
Letting pain wash over, burning my lungs and my eyes

It is here you can find me
When the bad news comes, and before, and after
Solitude providing company
If I can just escape to the waves

Yet I don’t, and I won’t
Because somehow it restores me
I don’t like the sea, but it seems to like me
It tells me of other shores, distant times and lands I am yet to see

Although I can’t yet know
The sadness, like the waves, will come and go
They sooth me, in spite of my troubles, to come again
As I will, and I will


Copyright © 2016 · Image and Text · Forty and Everything After


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