A Drop Of Determination

The water runs downhill
A small trickle, growing with each inch it travels
Sometimes following the pavement seams
Sometimes breaking free

We know that we come from and will return to the river
But our path is not defined
Like this trickle, our journey, our direction is altered
By what we encounter on the way
Sometimes following the seams
Sometimes breaking free

I watch as it boldly traverses the pavement slab
It wasn’t the easiest route
It took effort to surmount the curb
Yet its force of will gave it the strength it needed
To break free of its confines

I see a hollow empty pool
Crying out for fulfilment
An obvious destination
The trickle sees it too, senses the opportunity
And it, accompanied now by a separate yet likeminded trickle
Power in their small yet determined way to achieve their goal

It can be done
A trickle can grow tired of its seam
It can break free and forge its own path
Though all destined for the river eventually
A trickle can become a stream, a waterfall, a raging torrent

Watch it go its own way
Refusing the restrictions of the obvious course
Time to break free

Why head to the river?
Be bold and brave in your choices
We could become the whole sea


Copyright © 2016 · Image and Text · Forty and Everything After


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