The Odd Girl

In a room full of misfits she stands out
That is a special talent
That takes years of honing

“An eccentric” he once suggested
Experience teaching her to be restored by her own company
That is a blessing at least
Having learned to live in some comfort with the discomfort

Skilled at making simple amusements complex
Pleasantries awkward
Small talk loom large
Making trusting people suspicious
With that guiltless guilt

A simple greeting, a smile, a gesture of kindness, all suspect
All potential enemies, agendas disguised
She probably needs help
Though it wouldn’t help
All helpers co-conspirators

A life recorded on film
Friends watching for entertainment
Except not friends, but actors
And not very entertained
Meeting often to analyse the script
There are minutes
There are agendas

Occasional passers-by give the game away
Looking for just slightly too long
Then she knows, for a second
And then she forgets
And then she remembers

Odd girl
But she lives with it
Curious about the next episode
Cosy down, it’s about to begin


Copyright © 2016 · Forty and Everything After


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