I Don’t Need A Raincoat

I have a raincoat
I have a pocket torch, an attack alarm and sufficient socks
I don’t need a set in stone plan
I don’t need to be sure of every day

But I do need a mantra
I need a buy-line
A need a get me out of jail phrase
For when the bile is rising
For when the terror turns to face me and says …
“Howdie partner, did you miss me?”

I don’t need a raincoat
Not this time
I do, in fact, need a plane ride
But it isn’t August
And it isn’t then
And I am not her

But I do need to do this – it is time
Do it better this time
Do it for me, do it with me this time
Use some of that wisdom I’m supposed to have gathered
It’s been twenty years
I still don’t have my mantra

But I do have a raincoat
And on the darkest days
When the rain comes down
And I feel like I could just give up and go home
I know, from experience ….
That may just be the day the miracle happens


Copyright © 2016 · Forty and Everything After


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