Tiny Perfect Moments – Lightning & Opera

The three of us sat on the wide stretch of sand. Everyone else had left already, But we had wanted to watch the sun go down. It was probably time to head back, but we had a few beers, and a few cigarettes left and, as the darkness wrapped its arms around us, we were quietly transfixed by the flashes in the sky, far across the lake – probably somewhere in America. Read More »


The Path To Wise Counsel – A Tale

Once upon a time there was a small version of me. This girl had chutzpah, she had self-confidence and just the right amount of sass. This small version of me had utter certainty that the world was her oyster, and she fully intended to be the creator of pearls.

As the years passed, this small version of me had her spirit squashed, pulled and pushed this way and that, battered by the prevailing wind, stones kicked at her by others she met along the way. She started to lose her faith in pearls.

Eventually, tired from her journey, and somewhat dispirited, the small version of me sank to the ground and she said:

“Enough already.
Whatever you say I will be.
You must know better than me”. Read More »