Hong Kong


It was the beautiful shining buildings
It was the gleam, the money, the cool

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This work

This work ….
It’s not about this house
It is not about these things
Or the view from the window
It could be anywhere
It could be empty
It could be overflowing with beauty
You would still want to break down the walls and be somewhere else

It is not about this partnership
You have to be you and he has to be he
You cannot be we
It doesn’t exist, in the end
You could change to a different partnership, as could he
You would still be you
They would still be they
He cannot fix you
Only you can, on your own

It’s not about the work
Not that work anyway
Not the paid kind
It is everything about this work
The hard kind
The kind you spend a lifetime hiding from and then one day shrieks ….
You have to do this! The filing can’t wait!

It’s not about those people
It is only about one
They cannot understand
Only you can
You don’t yet
You will

It’s not about convincing them
That you are this
That you are definitely not that
They don’t see, they can’t
And it doesn’t matter one jot
It is only you who needs convincing
And you can do that anywhere

You can do it here
In fact you must
It is about just here
Right now
It’s not about running
Enough with the running
It’s not about fighting
Too tired for that now

It’s about this
It’s about here
It’s about this moment
You must sit
You must listen
You are speaking
It is time

It’s about this work
Right now
Wherever you are

This work will pay no bills
This work will make you rich

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