Just Bloody Write! Learning To Get Out of My Own Way

It transpires that I have been over thinking it. What a surprise (to absolutely nobody, at all, in the world). This is what I do. And I know this. I have done it all my adult life. I think so hard on what needs to be done and the best way to do it that I become completely paralysed and can do precisely nothing. On top of this I am a perfectionist, so I think too much about how to do the thing exactly right, and what is the right thing anyway? And oh, what about that other thing that also could be the best thing? And now I have a list of a million things and what if all of them are a bad idea and ……. Actually, where is my blanket? I’ll be under there and I’ll see you next year, maybe, if the stars are in alignment, and the weather is right and my stomach doesn’t hurt.

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Be Here Now (and how to avoid building dangerous houses)

Guest piece written by Forty & Everything After

This was a mantra that I adopted when I was first introduced to Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) when I was suffering from depression and anxiety. It is an extraordinarily hard thing to do, and more than

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Tiny Ridiculous Moments – A Mother’s Worry & The Man With The Golden Teeth

My mother was worried when I told her I was going to South America for 6 weeks on my own. But things with my expected travel companion hadn’t worked out, and I didn’t want to lose the money paid for flights, or miss an incredible life experience out of fear.

Despite her reservations, my mother was proud of me for going, she wished me well, and offered me the only words of wisdom she could think of “Be careful and don’t befriend any men with gold teeth”. Though uttered in jest, she genuinely didn’t know what or who I might encounter on my travels across this vast and fascinating continent. Frankly, neither did I. Read More »

When did public exposure become de rigueur? – The Indecency Of Today’s Professional World

It has been an excruciating week for me. Several months ago I stepped away from social media as I was finding it overwhelming. It was making me sad, on occasion angry, often irritable after I had spent time there. I wasn’t feeling inclined to share any of the little life things that were going on with me at that time. I was undergoing counselling, and these much bigger life things felt far more important and, as an introvert, not things I wished to share publicly. So, as part of the process to try and hear my own inner voice better, I decided that for the time being it would be healthier for me not to be drowning in the voices of others, especially if it was clear to me they were doing me harm. That felt like a very constructive decision, and has felt like a weight off ever since.

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