Monuments of shimmering  white
Gleaming against pristine azure skies



Snow capped mountains and humming birds
Light gently caressing afternoon windows


Spirits of the past walk through the spiritual present
Rose scented rosaries and ghost hosting gardens


Volcanic vistas
Shrouded by smoke. Prayers for their sleeping.


Luminous colours and sparkling sunbeams
Flowers and archways. Fountains and forests


Spanish angles
And Spanish angels
~ Arequipa ~


Copyright © 2016 · Words & Images · Forty and Everything After


8 thoughts on “Arequipa

  1. So you’ve been to these places? I’m so curious. I mean…. I can’t leave the house much due to having IBS. I often take great wonder when I go to common places like walmart, foodlion, or go out to a restaurant once a month; if I can. Can you tell me a few things? I mean… I’m just curious. Is the air different in those places? That atmosphere? Do you feel more annoyed, less stressed or uh… an air of humbleness or something? Are the streets and walkways cleaner? Do the people look at you with judgement or with a smile? Is the food tastier? I’ll not ask more. I just wish to know what life is like beyond these walls, just 5 to 10 miles away. Those pictures are so enticing. I want to simply stand and bast in the awe of being there; somewhere other than…. here.

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    • I have been lucky enough to go to these places yes. I like your questions. They are great questions as they made me think and took me back to the time I was there, which was a few years ago now. I will take them in order. I felt the air here was different yes. It felt a lot cleaner than in Britain where I live. Fresh and clean. The beautiful dark blue sky helped with that feeling of freshness. The atmosphere in the city itself was surprisingly calm and tranquil for a city. In the central square there were a lot of palm trees so it felt quite luxurious and continental. I definitely felt less stressed there, as the city had quite a soothing note to it, a spiritual background, maybe because of all the beautiful churches. I didn’t consider a sense of humbleness at the time, but I do recognise it was there looking back. Partly from the strong sense of history that oozes through the streets, the struggles experienced by the Peruvians with the Spanish, and the pervasive Spanish imprint on the city, but also, very much from the surrounding volcanoes and an awareness that Pachamama could at any time express her powerful displeasure if she chose. The streets were incredibly clean in Arequipa, and I seem to remember there being a lot of flowers. The people, in the main were perfectly friendly but largely disinterested in me. I guess as they see a lot of tourists it is just one more person passing through. The people in restaurants were pleasant and efficient, and as a girl travelling on my own I think they took very good care of me. The food, as I recall, was nice enough but nothing out of the ordinary or particularly memorable. But the little side street restaurants were very attractive, with large areas of outdoor seating, hanging baskets, and warmly lit in the evening – these side streets were a gentle level of lively in the evening, I think there were a few musicians who played along the streets, but there was no hassle or pressure to interact with them or give them money if you chose not to. I enjoyed my evenings in Arequipa the most I think. I felt safe and in the company of warm people enjoying themselves. I hope I have helped paint a picture for you?

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