Be Here Now (and how to avoid building dangerous houses)

Guest piece written by Forty & Everything After

This was a mantra that I adopted when I was first introduced to Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) when I was suffering from depression and anxiety. It is an extraordinarily hard thing to do, and more than

Source: Be Here Now (and how to avoid building dangerous houses)


4 thoughts on “Be Here Now (and how to avoid building dangerous houses)

  1. Being present at the moment and not fretting over things beyond one’s control is hard. I have found myself doing it many, many times in life and it’s hard to stop it in the moment because you’re in the moment. I’ve always wanted to try meditation. Maybe I should.

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    • I think anyone can benefit from learning about meditation. It enables me to cope with anxiety much better and not descend into full blown panic attacks. I still get caught up on occasion, because I am human, but at least I have a tool in my pocket I know I can go to when things are getting out of hand. Give it a go :)


  2. I just started practicing Yoga…so I am very interested in delving into EVERYTHING associated with it, mediation is one of those things, and your post just solidified this for me. My brain has lived 10 years in the future my whole life, what wasted time.

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    • I’m really very glad you found my post useful. No point living in the future, it will be what it will be, without our thoughts ruling or shaping it. Living in the present will shape it far better, hopefully to what we might hope it will be. Living in the past, which I used to do, is even more of a waste of life. Nothing can be done about that at all. x

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