Tiny Perfect Moments – Breeze-Blocks & Banana Plants

We had been trekking through the Chiang Mai highlands for three days. It was the rainy season and, smelling damp and slightly steaming, we battled to keep large banana leaves above our backpacks to offer some protection. Raincoats required but too humid to wear them, we were all tired, and conversation had withered, as we trudged through the jungle undergrowth, trying to keep up with our guide, and transfixed by his slashing machete, clearing our rain-soaked path.

At some point a mangy dog joined us, his melancholy provoking our own. We could not help him. When we stopped he stopped, when we ate he ate, whatever scraps we could spare. He followed us for a day, this poor sad specimen. There was nothing to be done. After a day he slowed and we left him behind.

On the third day our route steepened, climbing steadily towards hints of mountains, momentarily visible through the lattice of leaves. So much rain, drawing greenery, tall and rapid, from the damp earth. Intensely hued blossoms fireworked across our path, and occasional oversized creatures, some with more legs than we cared to concede.Read More »


Eavesdropping in Oz

She says ….
(to the muscular male, hand in hand)

“You’ll probably forget about me?”
*Australian question-mark*


He says ….
(to the tiny, fresh-faced, hopeful girl)

“Do you think so?”


She thinks ….

“Ah, he says he’ll remember me!” Screen Shot 2016-11-17 at 10.20.19.png


He thinks ….
(with a slight sense of self-congratulation)

“At least I didn’t have to deny it” Screen Shot 2016-11-17 at 10.21.18.png


I think ….
(with empathy)

“Ah, you sweet, sweet thing.
You have so much to learn.

And you never, ever will”.


Copyright © 2016 · Words & Images · Forty and Everything After

Who Am I Again? The Longest Journey In The World – The Shortest Distance Travelled

Guest piece written by Forty & Everything After

Counselling has been an absolute revelation to me. It has helped me to see how I have spent most of my adult life moving away from the young person I once was and becoming the ‘Me’ that was expected of me. Expectations from family and friends, and the influences of other people, people who had less than my best interests at heart – only their own. Counselling took me on a journey. It has been the longest journey I have ever been on (in terms of time) and the shortest ever journey (in terms of distance). I love to travel, to see the world, to expand my horizons. I had no idea that my horizons would be expanded the most by taking a journey of only a few short inches – out of my own head into my own heart.

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My Musical Coma & Letting The Light Back In

The final procedure performed when you undergo IVF is the re-implantation of your now fertilised eggs. This procedure is painful, both physically and emotionally. Before I underwent this procedure (on what was to be my third and final course of IVF), my husband and I, rightly or wrongly, agreed to be introduced to our two fertilised embryos (Edwin and Ernie as they became known in our house) – as they sat there, only a handful of subdividing cells between them, on a petri-dish under a microscope. Left alone to have a moment with them, we gave them some encouraging words and urged them both to “Grab on”. They didn’t grab on.

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I Had To Come Back To The Beach

I had to come back to the beach
This is where the music stopped
But now I think I need the waves
They kept rolling whilst time stood still
They’ve been all over the world since then
As have I
Now it is time to rejoin them here

I think I may have set the answer down
Amongst the rocks
And if I walk some
Write some
Is that ticking?

I had to come back to the beach
The needle got stuck
But it may now have refound its groove
The tune sounds different
Not the endless loop of before

Sam sang ‘A Change Is Gonna Come’
He knew
And now it has
It crept but it did come
And if I can bear to listen once again
The tune will sound different this time


Copyright © 2016 · Words & Images · Forty and Everything After