Tiny Ridiculous Moments – Flooded Streets & Funny Feet

My faithful flip-flops had flown all the way across the world with me from England. They had pounded the pavements of Tokyo and Hong Kong, they had luxuriated in the sands of the southern Thai Islands, and cowered at the efforts of the northern Thai Highlands. They had floated down river through Laos, and now found themselves finally in Cambodia. It was rainy season, and the river running through Siem Reap had burst its banks by the time my intrepid flip-flops and I finally arrived.

My flip-flops were already tired and worn out after their adventures to date. They took one look at the flood waters coursing along the streets of the town, and said to themselves “You know what? I’m done”. And, with one final faltering footstep, flipped their last flop.

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Ooh! An Award!

So, this morning I am writing in response to being nominated for the Fearless Blogging Award. That is very exciting indeed let me tell you. I’ve never been nominated for an award before. This ingenious little idea was the creation of Confessions of a Reborn Girl. Her blog is a delight. Endlessly positive and full of inspiration. Check out her recent series entitled “30 Days of Thankfulness” if you need a boost or a little kick up the behind to remind you of the treasures we have in our daily lives, if only we stop for a moment to honour them.

I was nominated for this award by Creating K.I.N.G.S. If you haven’t already, you should definitely pay a visit to his blog. It is a relatively new blog to me, but one that is destined to become a firm favourite. The writing is very insightful, draws you up momentarily and makes you think – a sure sign of good writing. Recent posts I have enjoyed in particular are “Praise Not To Be Given” and also the fable he shares of “The Penguin & The Snake“. Do pay this blog a visit, you’ll be glad you took the time.

It is a real thrill to me that someone has enjoyed my blog enough to nominate me. And now it is my turn to continue the process, by answering the prompt provided (see below) and nominating my own selection of Fearless Bloggers. Here goes …
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