The rainy season
Muddy rivers and moody skies


Labour and livestock
Purpose and playtime


Sunsets and swimming
Sweeping and swinging


Baguettes and buddhists
Boat trips and brollies


Temples and Tin-Tin
Traders and torrents


Beautiful sculptures
And beautiful children

~ Laos


Copyright © 2016 · Words & Images · Forty and Everything After


7 thoughts on “Laos

  1. I can’t imagine how great and awful a the same time it’d be to be there. Love water though I fear drowning. I love rain, though I am losing patience for being sick, I love rivers though I fear of deadly microbes. I am a basket case. I wish i was well enough to ever go to those places to get ill. I wish I could start a monsoon rapid bravery test, where you are heavily tethered to a tree and must last 2 minutes or more in a raging flood river. Backwards – might I add. Less chance of drowning, and it’s easier on your back and cold water really tickles the neck that way. You got some GREAT pictures.

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    • I wish you could see these places too. They are very beautiful, the nature, the people. An experience I know I am so lucky to have had. Your rapid bravery test suggestion sounds pretty intense though. I’d park that for now if I was you :). At least doing it backwards anyway. I’m glad you enjoyed the pictures. Thanks for your interesting comments and insight as ever.

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      • I like water a lot. The test thingy was about getting wet, being cold not freezing, and hearing the screams of people being heavily splashed. I looked back at the pic that inspired the though and was more like “O.o that is too much water!” I was thinking of something you’d find at a water park. I need not offer ideals while deeply sleepy. :)

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