10 Minutes To Job Interview (or, you know, notes for life or whatever)

Be yourself


Be professional

Sell yourself

Say as much as you can without jabbering



Don’t panic

Do your absolute best

It is always more than good enough

Be personable

Don’t be glib

Pay attention

Be present

Take notes if you need to



Don’t get hung up on saying every last thing



Move from one part of the process to the next with grace

Shake off what went before and take each step as new

Be confident

Remember you are good

You are talented

Nobody is better than you at being you

You work really, really hard

You care very, very much

You deserve this

You earned it

You are a good person

A person of integrity

Remember it

Let it shine

Be confident

Remember you have achieved so much

You are well liked

You do good work

Give these people a chance to like you too



Be yourself


I love you

Good luck

You don’t need it

You will do just fine



Copyright © 2017 · Words · Forty and Everything After


8 thoughts on “10 Minutes To Job Interview (or, you know, notes for life or whatever)

  1. Yup, fuck middle-class and upper-class careers. In the world of “GIVE ME RESULTS BEFORE YOU GET HERE” you need only show up, talk for 30 seconds at best, and they’ll judge everything about you, and either send you on your way with the lie of contacting you, or tell you that you are not what they are looking for. Yeah, all you named are things I heard of for the higher paying jobs. I can’t work, and always wished I could, and you nailed it for me. That sucks on so many different levels. Life’s hard enough without that in it.

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  2. I see this post as how we get through life, not just job interviews. Life is indeed hard & seems there is no hope in sight. The disparity between rich & poor is phenomenal & abysmal. Corporate greed rules the planet. I’m a 51 year old single female which is scary in itself. I struggle too, in all ways. On my worst days I’m cynical for all that I have lost & on my best grateful for what I left & clinging to hope for better days. Compassion for all has been the result of my suffering. We must somehow stick together & be of support to one another. We all are struggling in one way or another. If you’re human it’s inescapable.

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    • You are so right. We all struggle in our own ways, regardless of what we have in the world. Hope and belief in tomorrow is crucial whatever it is each may struggle with. As humans, struggle of one sort or another is inescapable. The words here are meant as a pause in the chaos and stress, a summoning of strength and belief in oneself at a time it is much needed – some positive affirmations for life (not just a job interview, that is just how they cropped up). Sometimes it can just be useful to take a moment, breathe, remind yourself that no matter what you are worthwhile and valuable and this does not have to be dependent upon the acceptance or approval of others. Thanks so much for your comment and for reading :)

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  3. Yes, breathing & gratitude prayer every night helps me not to panic. Staying positive can be hard in tough times. But I do still believe that everything is meant for a reason & we will prevail, even if it happens in ways we don’t expect.

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