Ego, Hush Your Mouth!

Ego! Hush your mouth!
You do not know what you are talking about
So, all the troubles in the world are created by you?
And all the jibes in the world are directed at you?
And you meanwhile believe you are so hard done to
How can such contradictions, all at once, all be true?
And befall you all at the same time?
You must be out of (please get out of?) my mind

You believe every person who says you’re no good
You tell me it’s fact and encourage my shame
Each perceived slight compels you to boil up my blood
As you bridle and curse, yet insist I’m to blame
You’re contrary, and mean. You deceive and you jeer
You bluster and preen, and you goad me to tears
Hush your mouth evil Ego! And get down from that stage
I can no longer watch as you wildly rampage

For another voice tells me (though much meeker than you)
“You are kind, do your best. You are strong and are true”
“Don’t believe that foul voice, and its critical spree “
“For I know you far better. Please now listen to me”
“Hush your mouth crazy Ego! Leave this poor girl alone”
“You destroy all her faith as you thrash and you moan”
“I am done with your chatter. I won’t have you at large”

And with that Ego


and now Soul is in charge.


Copyright © 2017 · Forty and Everything After


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