Rio de Janeiro

On the road to Rio

Palettes of green and sparkling blue

And warming light silhouetting fields of mountains

Boats and birds slowly giving way to bridges and buildings

Arriving in this city of vivid colour and vibrant energy

Created through the efforts of man, or the sculpting of God’s hands

All watched over by Cristo Redentor

Drawing eyes, and hopes and cameras

From far, and faithful and wide angle lenses

Buildings of aspiration mark the centre

Rising to smaller dwellings and smaller pockets on hillsides

Though diminishing none the dimensions of hearts and dreams

Breath-taking views from glorious heights

Cable cars, water-fronts and stunning night lights

Moody mountains all around with their soothing blankets of mist

Each morning and each evening their foreheads gently sun-kissed

Beaches full of beauty and allure

The rich and the poor and the bronzed

With canine toothed hills and cool blues beyond

A city where glamorous folk come to learn to dance
Their extravagance glinting in the diamond bright sun
In their opulent hotels they can pay for any help they desire

Whilst outside, young boys revel in the games of young boys
But too soon, many will have to learn the ways of men
And the local girls (who already learned how to dance)
Must learn in life to help themselves

For me the end of an adventure
But the beginning of a dream
To one day return and again learn the samba
From old men in shallow hats
And perhaps take another leap of faith
Into an unknown future
As so many in this City of God have done before

~ Rio de Janeiro

Copyright © 2017 · Words & Images · Forty and Everything After


2 thoughts on “Rio de Janeiro

    • Rio has been going through very tough times in recent years so I understand. My visit was back in 2012. And of course, there were extraordinary challenges facing various communities then too. The challenges of poverty in some parts of the city (and all that comes with that) are very difficult to see and even harder for the country to solve. It certainly wasn’t an aspect I felt it was appropriate for me to be photographing (though some people did choose to go on organised Favela Tours – that felt a little gratuitous to me – I didn’t see there was any actual benefit to the people living there – I may be wrong, just how I saw it at the time). But Rio also has an awful lot going for it. The warmth and energy of the vast majority of people just being one of them. It has an incredible atmosphere unlike anywhere else I have ever been and I cried when I headed to the airport and had to leave. I was in love with the place and hope one day to go back. Thanks so much for reading and commenting :)

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