The Thin Places

You will know when you find yourself there
These places resting on soil and rock
Where only a thin veil of mist exists
Between the here and the earthly
And the above and the angelic
These places where you are surprised to hear your own heart speak
To creatures you cannot see and do not know
Yet you feel you are acquainted with in some deep memory

Finding yourself in such spaces
There is a shimmer
In the air and in your very cells
You sense beatific eyes and smiles upon you
You feel gentle fingers of divine love caress your shoulders
At once uncomfortable and exhilarating
Almost too much to bear
But you wish to never tear yourself away

And it doesn’t have to be mountains and sky
Though it certainly has been before
Of late it is has been found in the most mundane
The morning shower, the coffee shop, the rain-soaked window
You feel those fingers cloaked in silver reaching down
To stroke your hair, to whisper your name
Be strong they say, we are holding you up, we are here
You sense their glittering presence and draw them near

And in the night, when sleep won’t come
And you try to focus only on your breath
Praying for some rest, some relief, some peace
The light arrives, and you feel their arms surround you
They lift you and carry you through the glittering Everything
You feel the rush, full of fear yet faith
No notion of to where you are carried
Dread drops away, knowing their tender embrace is safe

Where Heaven hovers close and shows itself
The birds, and the butterflies and the recurring tortoise
Are here to show you, to know you, to will you on
Of late there have been no mountains, no expansive skies, no lightning wands
And yet the veil of iridescent, liquid light surrounds you as you walk
In your every step, in your every thought, in your simple struggle and daily endeavour
And you know that help, and courage and the purest love
Will lift you up, when the time is right, to become the star you were born from and born to become.

Copyright © 2017 · Words & Images · Forty and Everything After


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