A Refreshing & Entirely Inappropriate Conversation

Yesterday my mother and I went to get our hair done. It is a little ritual we do every 10 weeks or so. Some quiet time for her to read magazines and drink coffee, and a nice little me and her thing, which we don’t often get the chance to do.

When I went to pick my mum up I was in a terrible mood. It had been a tense week for one reason and another, and when my dad asked me “So, what is new with you?” my brain leapt immediately to “Nothing good!” and I clammed up, as I so often do when asked this question.

For others I might try to invent a positive slanted something or other that tells them absolutely nothing. For my dad, I sometimes try and fudge together some diversionary train of thought, perhaps about current affairs (which he loves), or what somebody else we know has been up to lately. Yesterday I just didn’t have the energy or the imagination or the heart to even do that. I shrugged and said. “I have no idea”.

So my mum and I headed out to our hair appointment and I was left feeling agitated and dissatisfied with how my life is going just now.

The new junior (who recently started working at the salon) came over to take me to the back room, in order that she could wash my hair. She was very young, and very keen and very chatty. For me, the extraction of a tooth is often less painful than the extraction of small-talk, but I tried my best, so as not to squash her springer-spaniel spirit.

She asked the usual questions:

“Do you have any holidays planned?”
“What are you doing with the rest of your day?” 
“Any plans for the weekend?”

I have no holidays planned in the foreseeable future. The rest of my day was probably going to be spent trying hard not to get my grump all over my parents. And the weekend felt like a big gaping void of nothing fun at all at the present time.

Then the conversation took an unexpected and alarming twist.Read More »


Recognise, Respect, Reciprocate

There is something about trust
If you have that guy
Or that girl
Or that whoever
Lover, friend or person who gives you coffee
Not important
That person you bank on
You turn to
That one, if there is only one
And there need only ever, ever be one
You may only ever be blessed with one
That one is all you need
That trust
That place to turn
Those arms you can count on
That person that will never turn you away
We all need just one
Cherish that one
There is a reason they invested in you
They saw your worth
Don’t break the arm that holds you up
You are going to need that one day


Copyright © 2017 · Forty and Everything After

Tiny Heartwarming Moments – The Benevolent Postman

My travel companion and I were hot and tired after our 12-hour flight. Tokyo was our first stop on a 2½ month journey around South East Asia and we both badly wanted a shower and a long cool drink. For fun we had learned the Japanese for hello, thank you, please, goodbye on our flight, but hadn’t got much further than that. As we trudged up the hill, hoping that my hotel was just over the next crest, we were starting to question how prepared we really were for such an adventure as we were embarking on.Read More »

The Rewards Of Restraint

I have become very curled up on myself of late. I sometimes beat myself up about this and make judgements about what I am doing (or not). I seem to want to see people less and less, and this is compounded by the fact I am stony-broke. I am nearing my very last financial reserves, with no clear path at present to establishing a new income. I am on the brink of breaking into my be-flowered china bunny where my last pennies are hiding, quietly, hoping to remain undisturbed.Read More »