Burgeoning blossom and bowed wooden bridges
Closely clipped lawns and flirtatious foliage


Waving cats paw forth prosperity. Canine fashions catch the eye.
Birds of love, a love of birds, and all things deemed “Kawaii”


Animated tuna traders provide for master sushi makers
And signage that provides a girl with valuable advice


Striking and serene sculptures – some modern and some old
Some of beauty, some of strength or a story being told


Bridges suspended and boats mimic space-ships
Sun-soaked skyscrapers and shimmering shores


Towering temples, soothing shrines and Buddha’s gentle gaze
Vibrant prayer wheels, gilded lanterns and visitors’ thoughtful praise


Crowds and crossings, galleons and greenery
Exciting lights and inviting lanes


~ Tokyo

Copyright © 2017 · Words & Images · Forty and Everything After


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