Please Listen To Me When I Say “Leave It Be!”

My soul cries out to me in pain
My God, dear girl! You are at it again!
You’re trying to force the path ahead
Could you not, just once, pay heed instead?
To the wisdom and guidance I try to convey
It’s for your own good at the end of the day

Today you created a marvellous mess
In attempts to resolve your immediate stress
I did gently try to say this was so
But your mind was made up. You did not want to know
A cock-up ensued, which I tried to foretell
But you wouldn’t be told, and things did not go well

You got it all wrong, ended up in a haimes
I so wish you would listen. I’m not here to play games
Offering you my wise counsel is my primary role
So I’m pained by your sobs that I can’t then console
I did try yelling “Leave it!”. And what’s worse is you knew!
When you finally crumpled, I hoped then I’d got through

And this morning you see it, with a clarity so bright
When I asked you to leave it, perhaps I was right?
I love and respect you, say such things for your good
So if I’m screaming “Please leave it!?”, please consider you should
We make such a great combo when we work as a team
Could create our own gold-dust, if you’d just heed my screams

Love, Soul 


Copyright © 2017 · Forty and Everything After


4 thoughts on “Please Listen To Me When I Say “Leave It Be!”

  1. Good poem. you seem to argue with yourself as well. I think we all do. Just some people argue in favor of that thing that screams, “reason need not be heed”. I’mma go argue with myself for a bit as I read things and ponder what I could vs should, say.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Recognising that internal conflict, hopefully (though not always, for me at any rate), helps us make better decisions in the long run and learn from past mistakes. I am always learning and therefore arguing in my head. Thanks for your comment :)


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