Fly Away, Flutter-Thoughts

Marauding branches grab at me
“Think about this thing!”
“Focus on that!”
Determined to undermine and attack
They tangle and they trip
As I wrestle and I ache
I must resist these disturbing limbs
For my peace of mind’s sweet sake

And then ….
One simple step forward
And the ground becomes clear
Those sinister bows, no longer near
Just the grass and the sky
A fallen log draws my eye
Just breathe
Soak it in
This is where we begin

But I sense still some creeping
Small prickles of mischievous intent
I reach for the log, I steady myself
I will not, I cannot, I Must Not! relent
This clearing is my saviour
The dark limbs, where dread still lies
I sit and breathe, and breathe and then ….
I’m joined by butterflies

A gentle landing on my hand
Another by my side
I smile at the creature in my palm
Wings lift on my softening sigh
And the delicate beauty that sits with me
Rests briefly then flutters away
Another settles. Such vibrant hues
I admire, but it cannot stay

Gentle creatures, as you swoop and swirl
Know that I appreciate your worth
But I will not come fly with you right now
I must rest here on this earth
In this place, at this time, upon this log
Where you settle, then silently leave
Dear flutter-thoughts, I’ll join you soon
But for now I must just simply breathe.


Copyright © 2017 · Forty and Everything After


8 thoughts on “Fly Away, Flutter-Thoughts

    • There is a lot to be said for just breathing sometimes. If I always fly away with my thoughts, they sometimes don’t lead me to the best place. I little silence and calm resets me in the best way. Thank for for reading, and I really don’t want to depress anyone! :)

      Liked by 1 person

      • We all will fly away together one day. Maybe our thoughts will reach each other and we think, “Wow. People, at their core, are not totally different. I wish life could have always been what we are feeling right now.” Who knows. I am a dreamer as it is. Be happy with you post. :) It sparked quite a few emotions in those that read it. It’s just they most won’t write it like me. :)

        Liked by 1 person

      • Thanks for your comments, they are much appreciated, and if my post sparks a response for someone then that is very gratifying indeed. And you’re so right, I honestly believe, when all else is stripped away, and our time on this planet is done, we souls, at our core, are not so very different at all.


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