Tiny Perfect Moments – The Day We Dared

We knew that launching ourselves off a mountainside was something we were going to have the opportunity to do on this trip. I wasn’t at all sure however that I was going to be able to do it. We were on the 4-day jungle trek to Machu Picchu. The trek, as the name suggests, included a great many miles of walking, often on precipitous cliffs above wide and wild landscapes. I had already plunged through the soaring Andes on two wheels by this point, and flying down those winding mountain roads on my bicycle was some of the best fun I have ever had. But as our trek continued, we were all aware that very soon we were going to be faced with a big decision. The optional activity of zip-wiring across a towering river canyon. Not once, but 6 times.Read More »


Odyssey Treasures

I have a box at the top of my house, hidden away at the back of a room. It is a very battered old box. Pretty scruffy and ugly if truth be told. And most of the year it just sits there. Not getting disturbed much, apart from occasionally being dragged out roughly from its confines in order to enable access to some other box that sits behind it or underneath it.

But every so often, some thing will enter my house. Some small item or piece of paper or card and, as I head up to the bathroom or to the bedroom to turn on a lamp, I might drop this small item on a stair and think

“I must put that in the box later”

Perhaps the next morning this item will accompany me and I will, without ceremony, lift a corner of this box’s battered lid, and slide whatever the item might be into its confines – not looking in the box, or paying any attention to where the item lands. But this is where the item now lives. And will live, for as long as I do too.Read More »