Tiny Perfect Moments – Midway Malaise & The Mad Monk

Sometimes a tiny perfect moment presents itself when you find yourself at a low point. This was the case on the day I arrived in Cusco, Peru. My third country in as many weeks and I was preparing myself for the much vaunted trek to Machu Picchu. I had already decided I was going to do the 4-day Jungle Trek – chosen specifically because of all the exciting and daredevil activities it entailed – zip-wiring across hide-behind-your-hands high canyons, rollercoaster riding through angry white waters with only a soap dish and a stupid smile between you and certain death, many kilometres of breath-taking and precipitous paths – before the eventual (killer) climb to the Inca citadel in the sky.

Though this prospect undoubtedly filled me with glee and nervous excitement, there was a problem – I was physically exhausted. I had been going hard since I landed in Santiago some weeks before – I had cycled across the deserts of Chile, I had jeeped across the heights of Bolivia – those heights literally taking my breath away (a scary story in itself that I shall share at some future point). Overnight buses, with their lack of sleep and glued to the window views were taking their toll. I was once again alone in a new city, I had a chest infection, and I was all in.Read More »

Tiny Ridiculous Moments – Crazy Bus Lady

There is always one isn’t there. That one person who just completely loses it, over some set of circumstances that makes their usual sensibilities snap, and drops a wrecking ball on the poor camel’s back.

I am never that person. I find conflict and confrontation far too squirmy to make a scene of any kind. I am usually the person looking on thinking …. “What is the point?” or “They’ll never get anywhere that way” or “Getting aggravated isn’t going to resolve this scenario any quicker and will only make everyone feel worse”.

On this day however, in the back of no place, somewhere in Cambodia (I think), I was that lady. Crazy bus lady. When someone decided to take my bus away.Read More »

Australia On My Shoes

Open the cupboard in search of some such
And there they are, those walking shoes
With a film of light red wanderlust
I have Australia on my shoes
And I have powerful pangs
And I have itchy, naked feet
I have ‘Missing Melbourne’ melancholy
I have ‘Not In Australia’ blues

My mind once again in Federation Square
With coffee so strong it makes me drunk
Laptop turned away from the light
A brief sojourn, to watch, to write
Slightly too hot, slightly too tired
Food planning. Next stage of trip scanning
Absorbing the hubbub and bright effervescence
Contemplating smashed avocado
Soaking up our many blessings

A powerful urge to be by the sea
Gliding on bicycle
Shaded by tree
Ice-cream, more coffee
Bronzing limbs swinging free
Breeze sloughs weight from shoulders
Kite flight hair, flaps with glee

Careful footprints
Anticipating creatures
Unique features
Palette up to ten
Red rock and rainforest
Wild surf and storm
Crazy rain and scorched earth
I must be there again

In my cupboard upstairs
Hides a dust of a magical hue
Your energy shimmers inside me still
And I will come back to you


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