Fighting Monsters In Public & Other Sunday Pastimes

I haven’t had a panic attack since last March. That happened in the security area of Heathrow airport. It is actually a very funny story (now) but I think I am going to save that for another time.

This year I am very glad to say I have not had one. But there have been a couple of times it has been a close run thing. No more so than last weekend – on stage with a 300 strong choir, in front of an even bigger audience. Read More »




Free wheeling
Wind stealing
Joy squealing



Fun loving
Sun running
Road drumming



Open living
Energy giving
Limb spinning



Speed panic
Stay on planet!



Gently wend
Sweeping bend
Nature’s friend



~ Bicycle


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A Beautiful Déjà Vu

The man said breathe
And so I breathed
And she was next to me
And she breathed too
And suddenly there was only us there
Just the two of us

And then it came to me
We have done this before
Long ago
You and I
When we occupied one space
One body
Shared the same air
You and I

And in that moment
We are connected again
That bond that begins all else
And I feel safe and whole again
And I know, in that moment
From whom I learned how to breathe
I find it too hard to bear
That one day I must do this without you

But for now
I place my stockinged foot on yours
And we share a secret smile
And we will breathe together
Until we must find another way
To connect
Through a different medium
But for now, let us sit and let us breathe


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So, How Do You Waste Your Time?

This question was asked of me at my meditation group this week. It made me think about what we consider to be wasted time in our lives, and if, in fact, such a thing exists.

The gentleman leading our meditation on that day had expected quite bland responses I think – such as watching TV, or sleeping in, or things such as those. He did not get what he expected from his question. People thought about their responses far more than he had envisaged or was prepared for. It was an interesting question for sure, and one I gave a lot of thought to as it came toward my turn to answer.

In the end I challenged the premise.Read More »

Just One Month

Give me a rainforest
Give me a boat
Give me some space
A wide-open face
Afloat, afloat

Give me a month
I don’t need a year
Just a light golden thread
A soft place for my head
And a route that’s unclear

Give me a mountain
A beach, a beach
Give me some distance
This insistent insistence
Only just out of reach

Give me a life-line
That trails out to sea
Give me a plane ride
A quick flip to the B-side
A ticket to free

Give me a rain-storm
Give me some heat
Give me one month
Only one month

Just one lone blank page
To write me from scratch
To explore, je t’adore
Only one month
Just this one month
I will never need more


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The Mother Club

This week has seen the invention of another new word in our household …

Haribwoe –
noun: The guilt and self-loathing one feels having eaten too many sweets, resulting from no children having knocked on your door at Halloween, necessitating a frantic consumption of said sweets to do away with the evidence that you ever bought them in the first place.

I can imagine the conversation amongst the neighbouring parents as they took their little people up and down the street “Oh no, they don’t have children, we’ll leave them in peace”. Imagining that this is the sentiment (unless we have other issues with our neighbours that we are unaware of) I can appreciate their consideration. However, it is just one of many little reminders throughout the year that we are on the outside of a club. The biggest, most natural club in the world.Read More »